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Goodbye Inquisitor Darkel. In all seriousness you were by favourite Big Finish villain to date and I’m devastated we won’t see more of your incredible work.



"…locked him in the Tower in eternal sleep."

The Five Doctors - 1983

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 Anonymous said:

I’m a bit confused, is rassalon dead and entombed in the death zone in the five doctors or is that where he goes to sleep for a century or two?

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 In The Five Doctors, the Second Doctor suspected that the rumours and legends were true; that Rassilon was not dead.

I think that the ghostly head that appears above Rassilons sarcophagus at the end of The Five Doctors was a physic projection from Rassilon’s sleeping mind, and not (as has been suggested in the past) his ghost or some sort of computer controlled hologram.

Also; I think the Rassilon we see as played by Timothy Dalton during the Tenth Doctor’s era was the same Rassilon, revived and regenerated to lead Gallifrey during its greatest crisis. Again, this might be confirmed by the Second Doctor’s suspicions above, because Dalton’s Rassilon did turn out to be very capable of ‘cruelty’.

Just my opinion. I wonder, what do our fellow Whovians think?

- Cleo

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I tend to not think of Timothy Dalton as being the same Rassilon, because while I do think being an evil bastard is something THE Rassilon would do, I don’t really think destroying the Web of Time is.  But YMMV.

But I agree about the rest.

Yeah, if you want to somehow jam the reboot and the classic series into the same continuity, it doesn’t make sense for that Rassilon to be the same one.

I mean, in the confines of just the Classic series all we know about Rassilon is that he was some uber-powerful, morally dubious dude who hated his immortality and saw it as a curse, which he was more than happy to bestow to others (at a price). Like a genie who hates his immortality. The Rassilon of The End of Time was all “I WANTZ TAH BE IMMORTALZ” which is wildly out of character given what little we do know. It’s almost like RTD didn’t care about characterisation (see: Sarah Jane, Davros, and The Master)!

If we consider the “extended” canon, we get even  more dubious. Rassilon in the BFA audios is revealed to have been the dude who anchored the points of the web of time, basically weaving it in a way that Gallifrey always ends up on top. Stacking the deck, as it were. Which not only makes the Time War somewhat stupid (lots of nonsense happens to the web the audios so), but also makes his motivations in the reboot even more nonsensical. Like seriously? Rassilon’s only accomplishment was that freaking web. No way would he want to end it. That’s like Einstein coming back and somehow destroying all nuclear and solar energy because EEEEEVILLLLLL.

RTD didn’t know what the hell he was doing. Reason #1920138103908310913 I can’t mesh the two series together.

(To be fair, back when I did try to do so, I had sort of assumed that Rassilon had to be some other bloke named Rassilon. Makes sense given how popular Rassilon was for naming everything under the sun that someone might name their kid Rassilon too)


animate-mush said: wait who did River punch?

She punched the Tenth Doctor, remember?


I didn’t think it possible for me to enjoy a gif as much as I do this one.

Sorry about not posting much lately.

Graduate School + One of the top 2-3 schools in the world (yay top Ivies) + midterm papers and projects = me not sleeping for days at a time and barely getting a moment in for tumblr except when walking to class.

After next Monday, things will calm down CONSIDERABLY.

Saw the first episode of Babylon 5, but I haven’t seen the prequel pilot movie. So I need to go see that.

In general, I thought the plot was pretty good (though the raider subplot was completely superfluous and unnecessary), but the acting ran the gambit from awful (most of the cast) to pretty good (G’Kar), the directing was sloppy as hell, and the writing was really amateur-hour. Lots of “here, let me tell you the exposition” moments.

I enjoyed it, but I’m not really excited to see the next episode. I’ve heard things improve substantially with time, so even though I’m ‘meh’ about the show as it is, I’m looking forward to the improvement.

okay, time to start babylon 5 as promised

5,611 再生
John Hurt,
John Hurt and Murray Gold







The official 50th Anniversary theme has been released.

It features narration by John Hurt and tunes incorporating all of the previous Doctor Who themes, most predominantly featuring the 70’s era theme found here.


I got chills omg



Dangit I tried to push this as the new Series 8 soundtrack for obvious reasons, but I didn’t have your web clout. :)

Um EXCUSE YOU!  That is Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor, not John Hurt!  It was released in 1972, closer to the TENTH anniversary of Doctor Who.  I have no idea what the original article thought it was talking about.

Educate yourself.

Yeah, that source author, Carole Ann Foreman, is a notoriously unreliable author. I don’t know why the Perivale Times even employs her.

Maybe we should contact the McShane Corporation and complain?