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Reason #932457209102 why you should get The Prisoner on Bluray. You can read the newspapers!

Don’t kick with your legs just his simple, straight seaming out facilities for off-the-road

-The Tally Ho

Remember that guys.

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Who are you? What do you want?
dimensionsintime dimensionsintime Said:



but, since you did… I am the new Number 2.  And we want information. Information. INFORMATION!

You won’t get it!


Thank you Maggie Stables, for your amazing portrayal of Evelyn Smythe. You were fantastic!

…I knew it had to happen, but… Wow this one hits hard. Evelyn Smythe, you were one of the greatest companions out there. Sadly, despite my BFA ties, I never got a chance to interact with Maggie herself, but I’ve heard nothing but good things.

Can’t believe she’s gone.





Katy Manning and Peter Capaldi on the Doctor Who set

That second to last picture though



In my slow-cooker right now is a stew including Trinidad Scorpion Peppers. The hottest peppers in the world with a scoville rating of over 1.4 million.

Shredding the peppers to put in there made my face burn from the vapors and it became somewhat more difficult to breathe. I’m excited.

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Willing to bet you've been asked this time and time again. Otherwise, prepare for the ultimate make it or break it question: Doctor Who, or Blake's 7?
dimensionsintime dimensionsintime Said:

Haha. Yeah, I get a lot of these…

To be honest, it depends. If I’m going to casually binge-watch something, it’ll be Classic Who. Often when I’m working on a paper I’ll queue a season up in VLC and play it on my big monitor in the background. But I think Blake’s 7 hits much higher ‘highs’ than Who does. Very few moments in television history, I think, are as memorable as the ending to Star One or Blake.

Blake’s 7 is a smarter show, it’s a more dramatic show, and it’s a show with more interesting characters, really. But at the same time, it’s hard to ‘turn your brain off’ and watch Blake’s 7. I don’t mean that as an insult to Doctor Who - both the ‘brain on’ and ‘brain off’ style of show are equally important. Doctor Who is more about a celebration of camaraderie and companionship and the trials and tribulations they entail. Blake’s 7 is a deeper, more realistic study of the nature of power dynamics and rebellion in politics through a camaraderie vehicle. That doesn’t mean that they don’t dabble - Doctor Who dabbles with inevitability and the risks entailed in companionship in serials like Earthshock, The Caves of Androzani, and Mindwarp, and it tackles complex issues of politics, state, and philosophy in stories like Kinda, Warriors’ Gate, or Vengeance on Varos. Likewise, Blake’s 7 has more light-hearted serials such as Gambit. And because some of the best TV is created in contrast, I think that these serials often stand out as some of the best of their respective shows.

So yeah, I think Blake’s 7 is, on average (excluding the Ben Steed scripts), a substantially stronger TV show. But if I’m going to rewatch one again, it’ll be Doctor Who because it brings me more enjoyment per-minute, I think. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t quite some time before I rewatch Blake’s 7 - especially given that ending.

So guys, I figure I might as well tell you why I’ve been watching The Prisoner. I’ve been contracted by ABC Paramount Searchlight to direct a remake of The Prisoner.

Here’s the tentative cast list for the remake, slated for 2018.


Brilliant so far. Never been thrown by a “which one is the REAL protagonist” gimmick before now.

Definitely a show that plays with your head. It sort of revels in the concept of “how much of your reality is based upon personal construction and conjecture?”

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What do you think of the 12th doctor so far?
dimensionsintime dimensionsintime Said:

Pretty okay. He’s mostly just kinda there.