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YESSSSSS I finally have next generation gif processing working!!! FULL COLOURS!

As soon as I get gif processing working, expect a demo of how amazingly different these two formats are…

fuckyeahb5 answered your post: “My Next Show Poll (so far)”:
I mean naturally I’m going to say Babylon 5 but if you’ve never seen Red Dwarf you need to fix that right away.

I’ve seen scattered episodes. I grew up watching it in the 90’s on PBS.

I’ve not watched it in-order or anything near the entirety of it.

Allllmost have next generation gif support in my gif generator…

Now with full colours! Normally gifs are restricted to 256 colours, but no longer…

Asker 匿名 Asks:
if u hate ten so much then why is there a picture of him up here and why is it from a story that you supposedly hate
dimensionsintime dimensionsintime Said:

You caught me.

It’s because I secretly love him.

Darn, I was hoping to keep that secret longer. Guess now I’ll get a lot of hate from people since liking Ten is such an uncommon and unpopular thing that I’ve been hiding for so long.


  • Red Dwarf? 6.5
  • Babylon 5? 3.5
  • Sapphire & Steel? 3.5
  • The Prisoner? 3
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E.? 2
  • Father Ted? 0.5

Lost in Space? Taken out of the race due to 0 votes.

If you vote for multiple entries, I split the vote equally between them (hence the 0.5’s).

So, please vote for any of the above! I’m keeping the poll up until about midnight tonight EST. The next show will receive the bulk of my attention, obsession, and commentary until I finish it.

(Also feel free to change your vote. Votes will be tallied at the end)

So far Red Dwarf is winning, but Babylon 5, Sapphire & Steel, and The Prisoner are right on its heels. Could come close.


Jesus christ. How the hell did they get away with that?

I just… I feel catatonic. I feel like I need to lie here and simply absorb what just happened on my screen. And then cry. A lot. Because… Okay, spoilers below… Since I know I’ve inspired several of my followers to watch it…


runval answered your post: “Three Episodes Left to Blake’s 7… Vote on my Next Show!”:
Red Dwarf. You’ll need a laugh after Blake

You’re not fucking kidding.

"Did YOU… betray ME?!"

A-Avon… B-b-but… No…

I… I may have lost it at that line… Paul Darrow’s best performance and the ultimate conclusion to the Blake/Avon friendship. I just… Those couple seconds of tv will stay with me the rest of my life.



Jesus Avon though. Bloody hell.

That freaking HAPPENED. Orbit HAPPENED.