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Asker 匿名 Asks:
Do you still plan on posting your Deep Breath review?
dimensionsintime dimensionsintime Said:

Sorry. There were some issues regarding where the Deep Breath review was to be posted and when, so I sort of abandoned it.

If you’re still interested though, and it sounds like you are, I can have it out Friday. Or possibly Thursday, but likely Friday. My opinions on it differ from most people it would seem, so it should be interesting >=D.

  • (The Doctor and the Khan are playing backgammon.)
  • DOCTOR: My game.
  • KUBLAI KHAN: You're too good for us at backgammon. Tea?
  • DOCTOR: Please.
  • KUBLAI KHAN: Oh, that is our reckoning?
  • DOCTOR: Ah, yes it is, sire, yes.
  • KUBLAI KHAN: What do we owe?
  • DOCTOR: Er, thirty-five elephants with ceremonial bridles, trappings, brocades and pavilions. Four thousand white stallions, and twenty-five tigers.
  • KUBLAI KHAN: That's not too bad, so far.
  • DOCTOR: And the sacred tooth of Buddha which Polo brought over from India.
  • KUBLAI KHAN: Oh, that? What else? What more?
  • DOCTOR: I'm very much afraid all the commerce from Burma for one year, sire.
  • (A trumpet sound and The Empress enters)
  • KUBLAI KHAN: Oh, the Empress. Hide it, hide it!
  • EMPRESS: Winning, my love?
  • KUBLAI KHAN: One wins, one loses, my dear.
  • EMPRESS: You're not wagering are you? You know how it affects your gout.
  • (The Empress leaves)
  • KUBLAI KHAN: Oh, she will be furious with me when she finds out what I have lost!
Asker 匿名 Asks:
Imagine Missy is actually Adric
dimensionsintime dimensionsintime Said:
Asker 匿名 Asks:
I noticed your review on the 9 11 post. I think what everyone fails to realize is that we were very angry after japan attacked and wanted nothing but unconditional surrender. We dropped the bomb out of anger and forcing them to surrender everything. So it's not that we've been lied to, it's that people don't fucking pay attention to their history classes.
dimensionsintime dimensionsintime Said:

(In reference to this post…)

Japan offered us unconditional surrender. Re-read the post - they said the only condition was that we didn’t call it that. We could put whatever terms we wanted to and they’d accept. We could have made Japan a state if we had really wanted to. Or killed everyone in the country. So long as we didn’t call it unconditional.

Most people honestly believe that dropping the bomb saved more Japanese and American lives than it lost. Which is strictly, by US government estimates at the time, not true. And if you read the documents that went into the creation of the “Stimson” article in Harper’s (to be fair, he did sign it if nothing else), you’ll see that they knew this was a lie when they wrote it in there.

And being ‘angry’ at Japan does not in any way validate killing an estimate 500,000 innocent not-connected-to-the-war people. I’m angry at the Chinese government now - I certainly don’t have the right to go and do that. And most people believe the dropping was validated - obviously there’s some lying going on.

The reason most people don’t know the facts is simple, really. First, it goes into nation-building. Namely that it is good for the construction of national identity to think they’re in the right in most major issues (especially recent ones).

Second, and this is equally important, these documents were only declassified in the mid-late 1990’s. Until then, historians believed that they existed, but it was mostly smoke, mirrors, and speculation. Research is ongoing as to the documents that were declassified and, while most historians (who aren’t like 80) believe that the dropping of the bomb was totally unjustified, the textbooks simply haven’t been written outside of an collegiate setting. There’s always an absurdly slow trickle from contemporary research to what it taught to children in primary schools. I’d be interested to see how this changes in the next 20 years or so.

I love this human being more than words can describe.

Can we start doing this for all seasons, both new and classic?

Here are the votes so far in order…

  • Babylon 5: 7
  • The Prisoner: 4
  • Stapphire & Steel: 2.5
  • Terry Nation’s Survivors: 1
  • Father Ted: 1
  • Lost in Space: 1

I’ve removed Star Cops, The Omega Factor, UFO, and The Man from UNCLE due to no votes.

Just a couple hours left to the poll as to what I watch next… Please vote my Classic Who friends!

Or you can vote here?

I’m done Red Dwarf. Sorry there wasn’t much content, but Red Dwarf isn’t the best thing for deep analysis lol. It was incredible though and I’m very much looking forward to Season XI.

That said…

Should I watch…

  • Sapphire & Steel?
  • Star Cops (by the best Blake’s 7 writer)?
  • Gerry Anderson’s UFO
  • The Omega Factor?
  • Terry Nation’s Survivors?
  • The Prisoner?
  • Father Ted?
  • Lost in Space?
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?
  • Babylon 5?

Poll ends at midnight tonight (11:59pm 9/11).

Vote plz?

Well, I’m done Red Dwarf. Season 10 was phenomenal (one of the best yet) - thrilled to hear 11 is being worked on.

Tomorrow I’ll run another poll as to what I watch next. If it’s a more complex show than Red Dwarf and inspires some analytical thinking, you can expect to see a lot of content from it.

Haven’t slept in two days. Getting 5 hours tonight. Looking forward to this.