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so are y’all telling me that there’s a new doctor who episode where this is the entire premise


Test of the latest version of my HD Gif maker…

Top: HD Gif

Bottom: SD Gif

There. I did it.

I made the greatest post on the internet.

I don’t think anyone will ever be able to top this one guys.


oh god

Asker historydanza Asks:
HI, i need your help please! i need desperly the translation of a song 暗夜の心中立て by Ishikawa Sayuri . I am trying to find someone who could help me with this. Pleaaaaaase help. I've tried on line traductorsbot the translations are so poor and bad nd confusing. Help please.
dimensionsintime dimensionsintime Said:

Yeahhh that’s a tricky one. I was going to say no to you because I normally hate these sorts of requests, but you have excellent taste so I might get around to it.

But yeah, this particular song seems to use quite archaic forms of Japanese (graduate level for most foreign language learners) so I 100% guarantee you machine translators are going to fail. Miserably. Normally I can look at lyrics and just sort of translate them easily, but this will take some work. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to it, but I might within the next week or two depending on scheduling. This isn’t a terribly simple translation and I need to work on the Manyoshu and other absurdly complex ancient scripts over the next two weeks so I’m quite booked sadly.

Asker 匿名 Asks:
When's your review of deep breath coming out?
dimensionsintime dimensionsintime Said:

Yeah, I need to respond to this. Sorry, I had intended to get it done on Sunday, but I’ve just started graduate school this week at an Ivy, so I’ve been absurdly busy between classes and the BILLIONS of mandatory events. Today I was literally doing mandatory hobnobbing from 9:30am until 8:00pm and then I had to come home and do homework until 5am the next day so….

With the long weekend, I’m hoping to get two reviews out of both Deep Breath and Into the Dalek or whatever the second one is called.


"And that justified risking two lives?"

The Wheel in Space - season 05 - 1968